What is this “summer body” that everyone keeps talking about?

by | May 10, 2021 | Endo Style

It is almost summer and with that comes hot weather, cold lemonades, beach days and hopefully tons of pain free days. The maybe not so-good news is that the term of “summer body ready” that people keep talking about, makes us feel like our bodies are not good enough.

I am here to tell you that OUR bodies right now are beautiful and normal despite what society is trying to tell us! The new “beauty” standards are fake because they are only promoting a perfect body made only with apps that can change almost every part of our bodies, filters, perfect poses, and lighting. The new body standards in which they try to promote a healthy lifestyle by saying “summer body”, are plain wrong because all bodies are beautiful.

It is time to get rid of this awful term once in for all! It is absurd to think that society is pressuring us to look a certain way for a certain season. Instead, this summer we should let our bodies tell our stories, we should not feel pressure to hide it or to cover it up. As an endometriosis warrior, I have many marks on my stomach from the laparoscopy and the colon resection surgeries and they tell my story. Right now, I am choosing not to expose them to the sun because I want them to heal fully so I am choosing to wear one-piece bathing suits but as soon as my scars heal completely, I will be back wearing two-piece bathing suits and showing them proudly. Showing our scars and our bodies how they are is beautiful.

Scars and imperfections tell others how brave and how amazing our bodies have been able to carry us despite the pain. As an endometriosis warrior, we keep saying that it is an invisible illness but when we have battle scars to prove it, we choose to hide them. My belly button which I used to love is no longer there and in replacement, I have a huge scar that cuts through it and it is crooked, but I am choosing to still love it because it was the entry point to my body that allowed the doctors to go in and remove all the endometriosis. My battle scars tell the story of my battle with endo and one of me winning over it.

It is ok to try to work out because we want to be a better version of ourselves, healthier, and look better, but it should not comply with an ideal body image that society imposed. We still have other seasons in the year to focus on other than summer just because this is the season that we show a little bit more skin. A “summer body” Is for other people; an all-year-round body is for US, having a “summer body” implies that we are working towards ourselves to show it off to other people (perhaps not exclusively, but mostly, to other people we are attracted to). And while, yes, we totally get wanting to get a six-pack for other people, the primary reason we should be getting into shape is for…well, ourselves and our health!

Remember your “summer body” is the body that you have right now, the one that tells your story!

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