“Scheduling time for myself is a priority”

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Endo Living

Self-love is such a simple management tip but one that makes a HUGE difference when it comes to living with endo or a chronic illness. It is very easy to constantly put ourselves on the bottom of the list of priorities. The problem is that if you do not take care of yourself and make the time you will not be able to accomplish anything or help anyone else once you are burned out. Taking the time to care about ourselves has been categorized as selfish but in reality, is a must for our overall wellbeing.

It is very difficult for me to make myself a priority because by nature I like to accomplish as much as I can in a day and take care of others. This habit of at least dedicating an hour to “me-time” has taken me a while to learn and it makes a big difference. Through my life, I had really bad burn out episodes especially during the ten years of architecture school while working full time. I put myself in a bad situation where my health suffered and once I graduated I had nothing else to give.

I want to remind you that if you need some quiet time, or a day off, it’s OKAY. Please get out of the routine. Go do what you need to do to care of your body and soul. Disconnect from social media, read a book, listen to a podcast, listen to an audiobook, have a nap, go for a walk, interact with nature, take one of those warm baths or do anything that helps you recharge. Heck! we can even support each other even better when we’re also supporting ourselves.

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