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I recently went on vacation to Cartagena for a friend’s wedding and I had to find a good bathing suit for the planned activities. I usually don’t stress but for my trip, I was very nervous to wear a bikini because I am more conscious of my endo belly and I wanted to feel comfortable. In the past, I bought very cute bikinis without being bloated and they didn’t look good or felt comfortable once my endo belly surprised me. Feeling confident and comfortable even when having an endo belly is a priority when buying bathing suits.

I want to give a few tips on how to choose the correct swimwear and the types of bathing suits that can help you feel your best on your next trip. This is not about looking your best because even with an endo belly you should love your body and embrace it, but rather this is about how you feel.

???? Trying out swimwear with an endo belly:

This is not something you can plan for, but if it happens it is the best way to know if a bathing suit will be comfortable enough for your trip. I know it could be hard to go to the store and try something when you are bloated especially because when it happens you have a flare-up and you are in pain. For this trip, I just happened to get an endo belly as I was in the mall and it was perfect because I was able to try the bathing suits and plan for the worst-case scenario. You can buy different sizes as well and try them at home with and without the endo belly to see if it is the correct bathing suit for you.

???? The perfect Swimsuit:

High Top Option

Hight Top Tummy Control- Having the correct bathing suit can make any experience 10 x better. The first option that I found was this cute bikini which has a high waist and it covers my belly without being too tight. I made sure to try it with an endo belly before my trip to make sure it was comfortable. It was a total win for me and because the bottom part was somewhat stretchy, it didn’t hurt my lower abdomen when the endo belly showed up.

One- Piece Swimsuit- The second option that I recommend is the one-piece bathing suit. I have a long torso and they are not the best option for me usually, but I found one that I could adjust the straps and it made all the difference. The bathing suit was also stretchy, and it had some openings on the sides which I could also adjust! It was perfect because I not only was able to adjust it vertically but also horizontally and it made it comfortable when the endo belly showed up.

Bikinis – are another option. They are always fun, cute, they make us feel young and they don’t press too tight on the belly because usually they end just bellow it. I wore bikinis but I am not going to lie that I was a little self conscious once the endo belly showed up. I tried my best that day to eat as healthy as possible and not to cause any flare ups, but it happened either way and I looked pregnant in it. My solution was to embrace it and to pair it with a beautiful beach cover-up. Bikinis are comfortable and even though they won’t cover the endo belly you can still rock it!

Swimsuits Fabric- The fabric plays a role in how you feel and look in a bathing suit. Usually, fabrics that are a little ticker can make you look slimmer and hide the endo belly better. The vertical print fabric can also help you look slimmer and taller and the stretchy fabric can help you in the comfort department. Finally, ruching fabric can be your secret weapon to hide the belly if it shows up.

???? Cute Cover-ups:

Beach cover-ups can be of great help when you have an endo belly. You can wear any bathing suit and if you don’t feel comfortable when the endo belly shows up you can just cover it and look great either way. Nowadays they are super in and I would even go as far as saying that they are a must accessory. Cover-ups not only help cover up your belly but also from the sun and the cold in some situations.  

I hope these quick tips can help you feel your best lovelies.

Until next time,

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