Endo-Style Tip#1: Different jeans sizes

by | May 9, 2019 | Endo Style

A few weeks ago I was cleaning my closet and saw that I owned different sizes of jeans and I told myself that I needed to share this secret with my endo warriors. I am not talking about different brands that have different sizes for one size; I am talking about the same brand and the same jean but in a different size. You might be thinking this is crazy, but, don’t you have one pair of jeans that you just LOVE and you want to be able to wear them no matter what?!

Having different sizes of jeans in our wardrobe is necessary for any endometriosis women. The reason why this is necessary is that we are constantly dealing with flareups, “the endo belly”, bloating, or whatever else you want to call it. The “endo belly” which is how I decided to call it, is when the lower part of your abdomen swells up and it might take hours or days for it to go back to its normal state. When I get an endo belly before leaving home I make sure to wear the bigger size as it while help with the physical discomfort of the “endo belly” and at the same time my self-esteem because I can still rock the pair of jeans that I love.

To learn what size is the most comfortable for you when you get an “endo belly”, you can use a soft measuring tape when this is happening and you can buy it later or you can go and buy the jeans when you know that it is happening. I like to give the option of the measuring tape because when we get the “endo belly” we are usually really sick and don’t want to go anywhere especially to the mall.

Another tip that is to buy mom jeans because they are comfortable, loose and if you buy them a little bigger you will love them as much as leggins. Usually when I buy these types of jeans is because I know they are going to be my go to jeans for when I have to leave the house with an “endo belly” and I need to look somewhat presentable. If I am feeling somewhat ok but I want to look my best I go for the bigger size jeans of my favorite pair and I am ready to conquer the world.

I hope this helps you to look your best even when you don’t feel it… and keep fighting my endo warriors.

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