10 Travel Essentials for Women with Endometriosis

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Endo Essentials

I am currently sitting on a plane thinking about the stressful week that I just had trying to wrap things up before a big trip. I am going away for 3 weeks and the thought of having my period outside of the comfort of my house, city, and country scares the heck out of me. This time the packing was different, I started a week in advance as crazy as it may sound. This entire week has been full of emotions, from anxiety all the way to excitement. I have traveled many times before but this time it was different because now I am more mindful of my endometriosis and I had to plan to have a fruitful time away.

I put together a few of the endometriosis things that I am taking for this trip to give you some ideas for any upcoming trip that you may have. Please remember to always travel with a small piece of paper (you can even print it in your computer) in the language of the country that you are traveling to which explains your condition in the event that you need to go to the emergency room.

*Disclaimer: This is for informational purpose only, to relay my personal experience.

Endometriosis packing essentials:

  1. Medicine: whether it is a traditional hormonal medicine or a holistic treatment like mine, remedies are very important. This should be your number one must in your travel bag because if you stop your treatment your body will react to it and the pain may be worse. Pain medication is included here because most of the time we need it.
  2. Supplements: This includes vitamins and minerals. I am currently taking NAC, OmegAvail Hi-Po (omega3 fatty acids) & Resveratrol. The additional vitamins and minerals that I am taking outside of my holistic treatment are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Vitamins B6 & B12, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Iron, magnesium, and Zinc. Vitamins are important when traveling because in some cases it can prevent you from getting sick and it makes your immune system stronger which can help you fight foreign viruses.
  3. Tea: When traveling I get stressed sometimes and it causes me to have bad menstrual cramps. To counteract the inflammation and discomfort I try to take tea that I know will help me. In this case, I packed Turmeric tea, chamomile tea, and Raspberry leaf tea.
  4. Heating patches: Heating patches come handy as you might be moving, and you will be able to stick them to your belly and continue with your planned activities.
  5. Feminine hygiene: Menstrual cup, tampons, pads, and period panties. You might need to take at least two of these options to have available for different scenarios according to the activities presented on your trip. It is always good to be prepared with the feminine products that you are used to as in other countries you might not find the same brands or quality of products.
  6. Essential oils: Essential oils have helped me to keep calm and to enter a different mindset when I am in pain. I think they can help you release the stress and by doing so they can reduce the cramps as well. I apply them on my belly as well as on my back. I am taking the Doterra oils blend and PMS essential oil from Saje.
  7. Comfortable clothing: Being prepared for the bloating or endo belly when you get you period is necessary. I am taking comfortable leggings and a pair of jeans that I can be comfortable even if I am bloated and faced with having to go out and doing any of the trip activities.
  8. Swimwear: It has happened to me before that when I am packing and trying on the bathing suits, I am not bloated but when I am on my vacation and ready to use them, I am suddenly bloated and no longer feeling confident in them. For this trip, I am making sure to pack one option that I can feel comfortable and confident in even when I am bloated.
  9. Period tracker: I have mine on my Fitbit and on my phone and this comes super handy because you can plan your activities according to your menstrual cycle. Since I have been using mine for a few months now, it is very accurate, and I am able to rely on it more heavily. I am planning the more relaxing activities or nothing at all during the days that I know I have a higher risk of being sick and this way I am taking away the stress right away before the pain even happening.
  10. Sweater, Socks or your favorite blanket: During my period I lose a lot of blood and therefore iron levels which lead to cold feet and body during those days. I always travel with a sweater, a pair of thick socks and a special blanket to keep me warm during the days that I am menstruating. They give me comfort and make me feel warm which lessens my menstrual cramps.

I know it can be overwhelming to think of all the extra things that you might need to take because of endometriosis but the illness will not stop just because you are on vacation and being prepared is our best step of action. I hope this can help you when packing for your next trip. Please let me know your tips when traveling and if you have any more suggestions on the comment section below.

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